About Jim Allbaugh

James Allbaugh was certified by the Rolf Institute of Boulder, CO (the sole certifying agency in the U.S.).

Certified Rolfers have extensive training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and therapeutic relationships. Rolfers are governed by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

He brings with him over seventeen years of experience in Aikido. Such a martial art has enabled Jim to understand, on an intimate level, our greatest potentials. He currently holds the rank of nidan, or second degree black belt. Jim teaches Aikido part time to adults.

Jim also practices Ashtanga yoga. He has been doing so consistently for several years. This practice has deepened his appreciation for what Rolfing has to offer, for both yoga and rolfing are very similar.

Jim Allbaugh’s commitment to his client’s well being is par none. He believes that we all have an innate ability to heal on various levels. At times, we forget this. With the appropriate education and input, we can once again reinvigorate this already accessible and powerful system.

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