Rolfing is a modality of body work developed by Dr. Ida Rolf. In Rolfing, the practitioner works with structural relationships within and throughout the body in order to affect lasting change.

One of the main principles of Rolfing is to re-educate the body and mind, through movement and touch, to bring the client into a more vertical relationship with gravity. Gravity consequently becomes a nurturing force, rather than a force to struggle against.

Life circumstances, injuries, emotional and physical trauma all pull the human body out of balance. The person may feel "stuck", remain in a continuous state of chronic pain, and feel a lack of vitality.

Rolfing uses a systematic approach to help bring a person back into alignment with gravity. Movement education and the use of deep physical pressure all help reposition fascial sheaths. Consequently, changes in structural relationships occur throughout the body.

Old habitual patterns are then released, creating room for new, powerful, and spacious possibilities to manifest.

What is Rolfing?


what is Rolfing?
what is the Ten Series?
what is fascia?
how does Rolfing feel?
is Rolfing supposed to hurt?

how is Rolfing different than massage or chiropractic?

what changes occur?
do these changes last?
must I do all Ten?
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what are the benefits of Rolfing?