what is Rolfing?
what is the Ten Series?
what is fascia?
how does Rolfing feel?
is Rolfing supposed to hurt?

how is Rolfing different than massage or chiropractic?

what changes occur?
do these changes last?
must I do all Ten?
how often should I come?
what are the benefits of Rolfing?

Some clients may wish to go through what is called "The Ten Series."  Others may opt for just a few sessions.  The Ten Series is a recipe, and is not orthodox.

In the Ten Series, sessions one, two, and three are considered "sleeve" in that the Rolfer begins to unwind and unravel held patterns on a more accessible level. Sessions four, five, six and seven are considered "core" sessions. At these stages, the Rolfer begins to address deeper structures and relationships within the body. Eight, nine and ten helps the client to embody and integrate these new found changes.

Each session lasts a little over an hour, with roughly a week to two weeks between each session.

Before the Ten Series begins, the Rolfer will work with the client to determine their goals as well as the best course of action to take.

What is the Ten Series?