what is Rolfing?
what is the Ten Series?
what is fascia?
how does Rolfing feel?
is Rolfing supposed to hurt?

how is Rolfing different than massage or chiropractic?

what changes occur?
do these changes last?
must I do all Ten?
how often should I come?
what are the benefits of Rolfing?

Fascia is a web of collagen fibers that can be found interspersed throughout the body. This framework can be found in most every living muscle, tissue, organ, and cell. Fascia is a plastic medium. It can be shaped and molded with the appropriate pressure. Deep pressure upon and with the fascia creates a piezo-electric charge, which changes the fasciaís intercellular makeup. The area affected will change in consistency and length, and will not "snap back" into itís previous pattern. Thus Rolfing is long lasting and permanent.

What is the fascia?