what is Rolfing?
what is the Ten Series?
what is fascia?
how does Rolfing feel?
is Rolfing supposed to hurt?

how is Rolfing different than massage or chiropractic?

what changes occur?
do these changes last?
must I do all Ten?
how often should I come?
what are the benefits of Rolfing?

Rolfing generally feels like a deep, methodical, and slow pressure. Rolfing’s touch can vary from being heavy to subtle and light, depending on what the client’s body needs. Sensations range from a feeling of release to discomfort, depending on injuries, stress, and held tensions.

After a Rolfing session, people usually report feeling a sense of peace, expansiveness, and well-being.

I also use gentle Osteopathic techniques to release various tissues, organs, nerves, blood vessels, bones and joints. The quality of touch is gently and subtle, yet the lasting affects are profound.

Please see the section on Visceral Manipulation. (navigation at top)


How does Rolfing feel?