what is Rolfing?
what is the Ten Series?
what is fascia?
how does Rolfing feel?
is Rolfing supposed to hurt?

how is Rolfing different than massage or chiropractic?

what changes occur?
do these changes last?
must I do all Ten?
how often should I come?
what are the benefits of Rolfing?

Transformation on many levels is partially dependent on what the client brings to each session. The client’s goals and needs are addressed early on, and are re-visited throughout their sessions.

Fundamentally, Rolfing is meant to bring the client into a more vertical relationship with gravity.

Chronic pain and discomfort often disappear or are diminished substantially after, and sometimes during, Rolfing. Clients usually feel lighter, taller, and upright. Greater flexibility and dexterity are other subsequent benefits.

Other changes, however, usually surprise the client in powerful and delightful ways. Clients have reported feeling less stress, more confidence, and others simply fill a room with their presence, where as before, they hid within their own shell.

What changes occur?